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UNBROKEN And More Amazing Stories with Mick Garris

Recently, I recorded an interview for THE INSIDERS — a weekly web-based series hosted by Sebastian Twardosz, a film and television executive and adjunct professor at the USC School of Cinematic Arts. Viewable at and Youtube, the series is geared towards emerging filmmakers, producers, writers, directors, technicians, and artists with a passion for the visual arts. Its mission statement: “To demystify the behind-the-scenes world of Hollywood and spike your learning curve so you can pursue your own dreams.”

Feb 25-INSIDERS.1.jpg

Running nearly an hour, the interview covers my entire career — and is called, appropriately enough: UNBROKEN And More Amazing Stories with Mick Garris. Here’s how website describes it:

“UNBROKEN executive producer shares the film’s trailer, and his long history working in Hollywood on AMAZING STORIES, THE SHINING television series, *BATTERIES NOT INCLUDED, and the break he got from Steven Spielberg in this uncensored interview. Garris looks back on how horror and the media have evolved, as well as key advice on screenwriting and breaking into Hollywood.”

Feb 25-INSIDERS.2.jpg
Feb 25-INSIDERS.3.jpg

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