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Celebrating El Cine Fantástico at FERATUM!

As befitting a month in which creatures of the night traditionally like to roam, this October I’ll be making personal appearances at three different film festivals. First up is FERATUM — an international festival dedicated to genre movies, and held on October 2-3 in Tlalpujahua, Mexico. According to the festival’s website:

“Fantasy, Horror and Science Fiction come together to give life to this beast known as Feratum in the mystical and mysterious town of Tlalpujahua — the birthplace of many folk tales and legends. In 2012, our festival was attended by 15,000 genre enthusiasts; in 2013 that number almost doubled to 25,000. This year we expect our event to be bigger than ever, and attending fans will enjoy screenings of films in competition, black carpet events, exclusive premieres, conferences, master classes, performing and visual art shows, music concerts, cocktail parties and much more!”

One of the festival’s most anticipated events is the Marcha de las Bestias (March of the Beasts), in which attendees transform into the creatures of the night — zombies, werewolves, vampires, mummies and other malevolent spirits — then parade through the streets of Tlalpujahua. The cavalcade of horrors finishes at the historic Torre del Carmen, where the revels continue with a spectacle of lights, music, performing arts, and culminates with an outdoor screening of a classic fantasy film.

Sounds like a lot of fun!

Here’s a trailer for the event.

Sept 14 Feratum Night.jpg

Tlalpujahua, Mexico — home to Feratum!

Sept 14 Feratum8.jpg

La Marcha de las Bestias!

Sept 14 Feratum15.jpg

Sept 14 Feratum5.jpg

Sept 14 Feratum2.jpg

Sept 14 Feratum12.jpg

Sept 14 Feratum9.jpg

Sept 14 Feratum11.jpg

Sept 14 Feratum6.jpg

Sept 14 Feratum7.jpg

The March of the Beasts ends at the historic Torre del Carmen, with more celebrations and an outdoor screening of a classic cine fantástico!

Sept 14 Feratum4.jpg

Feratum’s award is the Bronze Nosferatu. Here’s José Mojica Marins (aka “Coffin Joe”) accepting his at last year’s festival.

For full details, visit the festival’s official website here.

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